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This is just a selection of my recentwork Prices are available on request,or contact me to see more.

When purchasing my work you will also receive a short account of how I came to make it, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Please feel free to enquire about other work shown on this site.

To make a purchase please contact me with ref no., title, and in the case of prints, the size required.

Postage/Shipping will be extra, please inform of any special requirements.


The Downs on the first of June Ref: 15B
Acrylic on 2 Boards 98 x 56cms

Searching for Echoes Ref: 15AA
Acrylic on plasterboard 46 x 130cms

Be My Sunshine Acrylic on board 43 x 34cms Ref: 15C

Hidden Acrylic with graphite on board 50 x 40cms Ref: 14C



Carousel - Acrylic on canvas 150cms x 60cms



MY Books

THE GARDEN COAT - for very small children
and their gramps
When you go gardening, you need
a coat with lots of pockets!
Softcover £15 plus p&p Ref: 14M



A wry look at how I became an artist,
richly illustrated with monochrome prints.

Hardback with dustcover £30 plus p&p Ref: 15W

Preview here






'Nomenikon' - An A-Z of Things 2016
Available A0, A1 or A2 on cotton rag paper.

Because my prints originate digitally, they can be printed at a size to suit your needs. They can also be printed onto other substrates such as aluminium. Please enquire about cost before ordering


From the 'Other Worlds'
series. Archival digital prints in limited issues of 10. Also available, Blue Moon Silver, Opal, and Blue Planet.

Tin on professional photographic paper,
black mount.44 x 44cms (7 remaining)
Ref: 13A
Copper on professional photographic paper, black mount.44 x 44cms (7 remaining)Ref: 13B