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About: patricia wilson smith

Having recently moved to the South West of England, I begin
a long and, I hope, challenging period of making art embedded
in the landscape that has fascinated me ever since
I re-discovered it in 2011.
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FOUR OR FIVE years ago I began to paint, after a break of many years during which I had focused almost exclusively on a digital creative path, making original artworks, and short video films.
I enjoy the freedom that comes from having a wide range of ‘tools’. I’ve taken part
in socially engaged projects, curated, exhibited and collaborated with other artists, and made public art works, but I’ve never known anything more terrifying than being in the studio at the beginning of a new project, with all those tools, and all that blank paper



How does an artist balance the information before her eyes with pre-existing ideas? Place, or ‘landscape’, is not simply a physical fact: it is how we experience it on a particular day, what we know of its history, archaeology and geology, why we are there, and what emotional investment has been made in being there.
‘Place’ for me is an idea, a location, a person – it depends where my focus is, and what I think I want to make.











"An artwork should point in more than one direction, not be this sort of placating, self-demonstrating, witnessing element." Luc Tuymans


"It is impossible for me to make a painting which has no reference to the powerful environment in which I live."
Peter Lanyon


"It's instinctive in a certain kind of painting...It's like a nervous system. It's not described, it's happening. The feeling is going on with the task. The line is the feeling, from a soft thing, a dreamy thing, to something hard, something arid, something lonely, something ending, something beginning."
Cy Twombly


"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for." Georgia O’Keefe


"There are many realities"
Louise Bourgeois




Photography paintings