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Current work:
patricia wilson smith



These paintings were made for 'SOIL' and were the consequence of my research into the conditions of trench warfare in WW1 (#ohyoiw) for the Flight installation in Nov 2014

'Songs from the Soil #1'
Acrylic and graphite on canvas
835 x 990mm

Acrylic on canvas
1800 x 600mm




For my last exhibition of 2015 I worked on digital prints and a painting that demanded a more 'representational' approach. Carousel was inspired by seeing internet images of children playing among the bombed ruins of their city.


Earlier in 2015 my paintings and prints reflected my continual fascination with the natural world, and our place in it.Searching for Echoes (below) came out of walk that I made along the White Cliffs, looking for the acoustic mirrors that were set up in the thirties as early-warning systems


Blue Planet - more from the digital Other Worlds series.

The series of monoprints for my book
'Why I Never Made it as an Artist'

And I'm still working with memories
of walks made in Cornwall:


My Blogs:

Wenlock Road Mural Commission
Documenting the process of installation in August 2015

Who Do I Think I Am? April 2015
An investigation into self-portraiture with sculptor Brook Hobbins.

'One Hundred Years of Industrialised warfare'
Notes from 2014:a year of commemoration

Photography paintings