Patricia Wilson Smith
Collaborative projects 2014-2015


One Hundred Years of Industrial Warfare 2014

In 2014 there was confusion surrounding the centenary of World War 1.
At times public events seemed innapropriately celebratory.

My short film 'Salient' was shown at the Sidney Cooper Gallery and during Whitstable Biennale

Paintings 'Songs from the Soil'' were made for the group exhibition 'SOIL' and came out of my early research into the conditions of trench warfare for the solo exhibition 'Flight' November 2014

Also in November I guest-curated 'Canterbury at War' for the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury

In 2015 I was invited to take part in 'Handful of Dust', an exhibition concerned with the plight of children whose lives were being torn apart by warfare in the middle east.

'Songs from the Soil

Wasteland (detail)


Carousel and Wasteland were inspired by internet images of children playing among the bombed ruins of their city.

On a lighter note I collaborated with Brook Hobbins for Who Do I Think I Am?,
an Open studio/gallery event at the Pie Factory in Margate.
Part of the work I created during the show was a series of monotypes for my book:
'Why I Never made it as an Artist'

I also recorded
conversations with the visiting public, exploring art and iidentity in the age of the Selfie and social media


And work began on the commissioned mural
for 1-3 Wenlock Road, London